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Aleena Fareena, a leading designer brand in Pakistan, has sparked a new trend in the fashion industry. With a vision to fuse the rich heritage of the East with the modernity of the West, Aleena Fareena creates innovative and eccentric formal wear that makes you the center of attention. Their designs are out of this world, with never-before-seen patterns and a touch of elegance that transcends everyday fashion. Aleena Fareena's artistry shines through in every piece they create.

Client: Aleena Fareena (PK)

Completion : March 2023

Category: Web Development

URL: https://aleenafareena.pk


As a brand with a decade of experience, Aleena Fareena recognized the need to establish a strong presence in the digital sphere. Previously operating through a studio and exhibitions, they sought to expand their reach online. However, they faced challenges in conveying their brand beliefs effectively to the online audience. They needed the expertise of social media strategists, like J&J Digital, to showcase their brand identity while reaching a wider audience.


Our first step was to create a mobile-optimized and visually appealing website, keeping in mind that 98% of Aleena Fareena’s visitors were on iPhones, with a focus on optimizing for iOS Safari browser. In addition, we developed social media and paid advertising strategies aligned with their brand tone. Leveraging J&J Digital’s expertise in the digital e-commerce space, we executed impactful campaigns for Aleena Fareena, including media production, social media marketing, media buying, branding, web development, UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience), public relations, event management, and affiliate marketing.


Through our collaboration with J&J Digital, Aleena Fareena has achieved remarkable results. In just the first month of launching our campaigns, the brand generated over 1 million rupees in sales and has since continued to grow steadily. We also secured Aleena Fareena’s participation in fashion week Pakistan, providing them with a larger platform to showcase their clothing. The brand has experienced significant growth in domestic and international revenue, organic search results, monthly growth, international reach, and earned media. The digital marketing strategies implemented by J&J Digital resulted in significant outcomes for Aleena Fareena:

  1. Increased Brand Visibility: Aleena Fareena’s online presence was significantly elevated through an optimized website and active social media presence, resulting in increased brand visibility and awareness among their target audience.
  2. Enhanced Brand Identity: The unique brand identity developed by J&J Digital helped Aleena Fareena establish itself as a fashion movement, differentiating it from competitors and creating a strong brand image that resonates with the target audience.
  3. Improved Audience Engagement: The engaging content, social media campaigns, and targeted ad campaigns implemented by J&J Digital resulted in improved audience engagement, with increased likes, comments, shares, and followers on social media platforms.
  4. Business Growth: The digital marketing efforts translated into tangible business results, with Aleena Fareena experiencing increased website traffic, higher conversions, and improved sales, ultimately leading to business growth and expansion.

In conclusion, Aleena Fareena’s journey from a studio-based brand to a digital movement has been a successful one, thanks to the strategic partnership with J&J Digital. By optimizing their brand through a mobile-optimized website and effective social media strategies, Aleena Fareena has achieved significant growth in sales, revenue, and brand visibility. The collaboration with J&J Digital has enabled Aleena Fareena to redefine high-end fashion in Pakistan and beyond, reaching new audiences and showcasing their unique designs on a broader platform. With impressive results in various key performance indicators (KPIs), Aleena Fareena’s transformation into a digital fashion movement has been a testament to the power of a strategic and comprehensive digital marketing approach.

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